[Unlimited] Easter Event

01.04.2018, 12:50:46 PM, posted by Onezero
Happy Easter everyone! This year for Easter we'll be adding some content with a storyline and quests! There are 11 quests and 5 daillies. You start the event by speaking to Herald in the mall. You have to take the portal to the Easter event location which is across from Herald. The quests are designed to level T15/T16+. Most quests are soloable however, there's on elite that requires a group in order to kill it! After you've completed the quest chain you'll unlock 5 dallies you can do in the quest zone during the event until April 10 . Have fun and enjoy your Easter!

Main lore<br>
Greedy dwarves have been digging up an old temple. They found a suspicious egg, which containments are extremely delicious. Unfortunately, real owners of the eggs, ancient scarabs, aren’t so willing to give their children for meals. The stench is unbearable of these eggs! A mysterious man used to remove the nasty smell from the eggs, but now he ain't doing anything! Join my heroes, join! Do something about it!