Overhaul Launch

30.08.2020, 8:31:46 AM, posted by Onezero
We would like to start off this launch with saying THANK YOU. A massive thank you to all of you for your patience during the development of the overhaul project! 

A brief description of what the overhaul project is.
The overhaul project is a whole lot of updates all done in 1 big project. The most noticeable change is the stat change! You will now have much lower stats than what you previously had but still high stats as it is still a funserver. The stat squish was done due to balance reasons and was needed for our long term plan for Unlimited realm. Instances have been updated. We've cut some instances out of the bracket replaced some with others. For more detailed information on why the overhaul project had to be done you can check out the Overhaul Dev Blog's in the
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What to expect after launch.

  • Depreciated Items - What this means is you might see items in your inventory that have had all stats removed from them. These items are no longer usable on Unlimited and this is where our new exchange system comes into play. If your gear has been depreciated then when you log in it will be automatically switched out for a relevant version via your ingame mail. Sadly, there are some items that won't get exchanged for anything, such as world boss weapons for examples. This is because these items are simply outdated and do not fit into our current plan.

  • Balancing Issues With Classes - There will be a period of adjustment that is needed to get use to the slower paced combat and lower stats on gear. Classes are no longer centered around what items they use to be useful. This being said, these changes are an adjustment for the dev team as well so please keep that in mind. We have to get use to it and through trail and error we'll get everything flushed out with classes and make sure no class is under performing or over performing more than they should.

  • Balancing Issues With Instances - Like stated above, this is an adjustment. We can run as many tests as we want but nothing will provide better data than a lot of players doing instances. We are expecting some undertuned and overtuned boss fights so we ask you to report these issues so we may address them asap.

  • Learning Process - Remember that these changes are a learning process for you, the players, AND the devs. There WILL be issues, it is not possible to release an update with no issues but it is to be expected. So don't be alarmed if you encounter something odd! We encourage and hope you guys report all the issues you find so we can quickly resolve them. We'll figure things out together, as a community, and make it much better for the future. After all that is our whole goal with the Overhaul, improving the server so we can do new things for you guys. 

The overhaul project is not where our plans end by any means. Now it is time for us to steadily introduce new content. So, what exactly is happening next?

  • New Raid The first thing we'll be doing is working on releasing a new raid, Tier 7, within the following month or two. With a new raid comes new tier, voter, and donor items.

  • Solo Content - We'll overhaul the solo content in the near future. Our plans are to have questing zones for each tier. Players will be able to earn 2 pieces of their raid tier, do various dailies for Shiny/Premium currency, ability to find rare equipment, and if time permits us, rep grinding for special rewards.

  • World Bosses - World Bosses will be the next thing we update along with T7. We want world bosses to be relevant in our content again as it has in the past.

  • Premium System - We have plans to improve the premium system. We're not able to provide more details at this time as we need to discuss how we will go about this internally before releasing more information. If you already have premium or getting premium, don't worry, the plans are to improve it by adding stuff to it and generally making it more useful.

  • Events We have plans to introduce an event currency that can be earned in every event. This currency will be spent on event items that will be available at all times. Periodically releasing new event rewards. New season events. New random events. Planned GM hosted events.

  • Guild House - We will update this feature as well. Not entirely sure how we'll approach it just yet, something we have to discuss internally first.

  • PvP System - We have plans to update PvP along with PvE. PvP won't be falling behind stats wise as it has in the past to continue allowing PvE gear in PvP.

  • Voter Items - We have plans to expand the voting items. For the launch, we'll be releasing new weapons that are 2nd bis for voting. We also have plans to do more voting gear later on. If you have an old voter weapon it will be exchanged to the new ones automatically. 

With all of that said, we hope you will like the update as much as the staff team does. We hope you will make Heroes WoW your new home with lots of hero babies! We've always wanted to be grandparents! So go on, enjoy it to the fullest!

Heroes WoW team