Tier 7

23.11.2020, 2:04:09 PM, posted by Fenuks
Shadow Labyrinths is now live! Garrosh makes his return to Heroes-WoW! This will be a four boss raid. Possible 5th boss might get added at a later date. You'll be able to fully upgrade your Tier 6 and Donor 6 into their 7th brackets. Voter 7 weapons will released around Christmas. We are increasing the difficulty of this raid compared to tier 6. As we've all had enough time to adjust to the recent overall changes to gear and classes. Bosses will hit you harder and you will be punished for not meeting certain requirements for fights. We're also trying a few different changes and they're as followed...

Loot Tables Changes
We'll be testing out a new loot table with Tier 7. We're aiming to remove some of the rng from them, mainly the weapons. If this change works then we'll use this method in future raids as well as update older raids with it.

Gearing Process
The general rate of earning gear will be drastically lowered. As Tier 7 is new content and endgame content, there should be a grind to earning and upgrading your armor. Since we allow unlimited reseting of instances we have to seek other methods to stimulate the gearing process.

Models on Gear
We'll no longer be adding models to tier/donor gear. Instead we will periodically release new Xmog tokens you can purchase with transmog badges, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, and/or Event tokens. Adding models to gear has been rather pointless when you can just change them to whatever model you prefer using the Transmog system. Since we want to include new updates with transmogs, we'll be using this method from now on to release any new models.

Tier 7 Daily
We'll release a daily quest for finishing Tier 7 at a later date, this will include all instances as well. We're delaying this because we want to see how the recent changes to gearing effect the player base as it will decide on what the quest will reward.

Future Plans

Tier 1 Rework
We'll be changing Tier 1 over the next week or two. The instance will be like an extension to the questing zone. As we create newer tiers, old tiers will be converted into soloable content. This is being done so we don't have lesser tiers requiring full groups for newer characters to earn their gear and slowing down their gearing process.

Class Balancing
With Tier 7 done we can now focus a little more on class changes. A lot of classes need buffs and nerfs and we'll now have more time to sit down and work on them.

Solo Content
We'll keep making more questing zones for each tier. Expect tier 3 and 4 over the next few months. Holidays will be factored in for these projects so we cannot say exactly when they'll be finished.

Remember, Garrosh did nothing wrong in MoP!