issues getting into old account



March 26 2022 - 21:07 PM

I had an account years upon years ago and have lost the password as well as my old email, i was going to put onto unlimiteds forums but when you click forum it brings you here, I know i had a full donor paladin from the time the mall was in the barrens, i belive it was on this account but it says i have 0 chars which makes no sense at all.


March 26 2022 - 21:08 PM

I got my account back when i got access to my old email but it just makes no sense that all my chars got deleted



March 27 2022 - 10:18 AM

Well first if you are after the Unlimited realm its pretty empty everyone has moved to the Wyrmrest Realm which is the Classless realm. So all your old account info will not work you will have to have a new account for the Wyrmrest realm.


April 23 2022 - 10:10 AM

Welp then im not gonna play here gain either what kind of support is this. 

Website got reworked but ur reset password button is still not working are you guys 5 years old? With the amount of money you got from donations you should atleast hire a web dev. GL this servers gonna die anyways

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