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January 25 2022 - 13:24 PM

You as the player take sole responsibility in reading up and staying update on all rules and guidelines.

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Rules and Guidelines(Ban information):
Rules and Guidelines:
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These mutes will get longer until you learn from them.

  • Any form of spamming/flooding - 3 Minutes
  • Any form of over use of caps - 3 Minutes
  • Any form of inappropriate language - 10 minutes
  • Any other language than English in world chat - 10 minutes


These can lead to a ban in some cases depends on severity and will get longer as needed.

  • Any form of player insulting - 20 minutes
  • Any form of GM insulting - 60 minutes
  • Any form of racism/discriminatory behavior - 45 minutes
  • Any form of bypassing the censor list - 120 minutes
  • Creating drama of any kind - 240 minutes
  • Any form of advertising or mention of another server - 60 minutes to permanent
  • Blatantly accusing players or staff of rule breaking - 20 minutes.

Please be advised these are not to be taken strictly in every individual case, these are just guidelines and not full out mutes rules to be followed to the letter so to speak. Mutes are very situational and it is a staff members responsibility to handle each case to the best of their ability.

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