The UPDATE and new PATCH with the following EVENTS in game



April 16 2022 - 11:20 AM

The UPDATE and new PATCH with the following EVENTS in game.

Every character will receive 200 tomes of oblivion (+10 for weekend level cap increase event).
Every CURRENT character will be offered a special custom mount and instant level 59 (If you choose it).


  • Able to see if a ability is disabled.
  • Able to see how much each talent/ability cost to learn.
  • Able to see the next rank of a talent when learning it.
  • Talents will now properly unlearn when removed.
  • Some talents have reduced ranks.
  • A few talents have removed effects.
  • Talent related abilities are now normal abilities and removed from talent trees.
  • Increased cost of some abilities.
  • Improved spellbook categories.
  • Everyone gets a revive (Includes Pet Revive).
  • Removed Totem requirements from all totem related abilities.
  • Added missing spells (Healing Touch/Etc).

Later on we will add a full changelog update of all changes. It will be a lot to read but this post is the generalized version. Please be sure to update your patch C or else a lot of the visual changes will not show up for you!


April 17 2022 - 05:00 AM

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