Wyrmrest: Phase 2

March 18, 2022, 03:36 pm

We've increased the level cap to 29 on Wyrmrest! Opened 3 dungeons and 1 battleground for this level bracket as well.

  • Increased level cap to 29.
  • Opened Stormwind Stockade, Razorfen Kraul and Gnomeregan dungeons.
  • Opened Arathi Basin battleground.
  • Arathi Basin now requires 4 players instead of 16.
  • Added Tomes of Oblivion to Stormwind Stockade, Razorfen Kraul, Scarlet Monastery, Razerfen Krual/Downs and Gnomeregan dungeons.
  • Custom races can now buy Horses(Alliance) and Worgs(Horde) at level 20.

Among various other changes done for the new cap. As always you can read all the changes here: https://heroes-wow.com/en/changelogs

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