Wyrmrest: Phase 4 New Dungeons and level cap

March 30, 2022, 07:49 pm

Level Cap increased to 49 on Wyrmrest! With the new level cap comes new dungeons and questing zones.

Status Update on the upcoming rework on the Classless System. @Fenuks has applied a lot of major fixes that will allow us keep the ranks on talents! He has also done some other improvements.

- Fixed issue concerning rollbacks and missing abilities and talents.

- Talents are fully unlearned when reset.

- Fixed an issue giving players more tokens than intended.



These following changes are still confirmed to be happening.

♦ Ability cost increasing. This means you will need to think more carefully on how you spend your tokens. 

• A lot of melee related abilities will have their base damage reduced. This is being done because of the insane gap between casters and melee. Now don't panic, we aren't going crazy with these changes. Melee will always have a advantage in terms of speed and burst in the classless concept.

♦ Minor tweak to avoidance stat talents(Dodge/Parry/Block). Currently you can gain way too much avoidance without being an actual tank.

• Minor changes to some talents and how they work.

♦ Reset Feature: in some form or another. Limited at first on it's release and will be expanded on later on.

• Limited amount of talents will no longer have addition ranks. Done for balancing reasons. Very few will have this done.

♦ Ability related talents will be moved to abilities and cost Spell Tokens. (Bladestorm, Holy Shock, etc)

• Talents that unlock stuff will have a x2 cost to learn. (Dual-Wield, Titan's Grip, etc).

♦ Everyone will receive a revive ability(As well as Pet Revive).


You can expect these changes to go live within a week or two(Middle April at the very least.) This will finish the first stage of our classless system and our focus will move more towards custom related issues and content.

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