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Thread: Flame Shock

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    Flame Shock

    Now with the nerf that came out yesterday on flame shock a already dead and forgotten spec in PvE kinda just got thrown further away. I personally enjoyed elemental in PvE alot and have made it to t21 as one, but always lacking DMG compared to other spell casters. I do understand the nerf on flame shock and tbh I hated that 60% if not more of my DMG came from that one spell. So...

    When you nerf the best spell on a class because it's too good, you have to take in consideration that not buffing something else will leave them in a pretty bad state, especially when that one spell stood for 60% minimum of all DMG done in PvE and PvP. Now the state of elementals is fine in PvP after the nerf and that's why I decided to post in the PvE section. As mentioned earlier, trying to keep up with any other spell casters was very hard and nearly impossible and sadly after the nerf which can be taken as a solid 50% DMG reduction on elemental shamans it is 100% impossible to keep up the DPS and even get remotely close to any other spell casters. So I would like to see something done about either lightning bolt or lava burst, this could be increase the DMG of lightning bolt or maybe decrease the cooldown of lava burst scaled by haste.

    Why it should be changed:
    I think I have already gone over this section, but for good measure, this should be changed because elemental shaman havnt been viable in PvE and they deserve to be. I have always played elemental and I would hate to be forced into playing healer 24/7 or roll a new spec/class. The spec is undertuned and I know there are some good fixes that would make it more viable in PvE and still keep them interesting to play.
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    I think it bull shit that Shamans in general keep getting nerf more and more to point where they are even viable class anymore. A lot of Enh Shamans Damage in pvp/pve was around flame shock damage to maintain that pressure on target and it was same with elemental also since it was main source of dps to provide huge burst potential with elemental times everything right. Flame shock way it was what helped Shamans be competitive with other classes since their spells keep balance.
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