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    Heroes WoW Member Prometheys's Avatar
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    Aug 2017

    Buff druid tank.

    Hello.. Everybody knows that druid is the worst tank because of it's very bad surivability.

    It's good for low raids maybe but after t16 druid is terrible as tank and you just can't get an invite.

    So, in this poll I want you to make a choice about buffing druid tank and let it be awesome to play and gear up as it should be in my option.

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    Heroes WoW Member PajtimDemi's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    I agree with Prometheys.

    I've been on this server since 2015, so far I've never seen a tank druid being able to raid a lot at all.
    One problem could be that they have a very hard time holding agro, another is that they're not
    really that tanky even if you're a full donor with the tank off hand wep which stacks hp.

    Maybe a change could open new opportunities for both old and new players? A tank bear is very versatile, and who don't love
    seeing a big fat bear druid just taking punches in 5-10m hp? I know I would be down to get my druid back to its prime.

    Curious druid player.

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    Banned HEHEH's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    I also agree, the server lacks thanks, make druids viable and you get more tanks -> more raids -> a bigger community
    everyone would profit from that

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