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    Shaman AOE and damage (elemental)

    Shaman AoE
    Chain of Lightning


    I would like to see some viability, In raids and changing gear sets and or even solo gearing elemental
    especially with shaman aoe as it is weak and the current way to do it is boring and kinda nerfed, Magma totem and
    Fire nova i suggest changing the set bonus for elemental shamans ( 8% of lightning bolt over 4 seconds ) which is weak and change it to reduced cooldown on chain of lightning to where it has no cooldown and it can be spammed. AND also boosting shaman's (ele) damage a bit.

    Reasoning why it should be added / changed:

    I think it should be changed because as it is enhancement shamans are alpha and elemental shamans need to be melee ranged to do max dps because of storm strike and melee during cast down time maximizes dps and as enhancement shaman you allready do that with constant lightning bolts just like elemental shaman. The only thing elemental shaman can be utilized is by giving them a spec ( elemental ) and buffing their damage overall.
    for a above average aoe for Trash mobs or multiboss / boss encounters with trash. also shaman's damage is quite low if it weren't for the bugged -Lightning Overload- Talent that actually does double lightning bolt damage on proc they would be super weak and basically Null and void. I really hope Warlock and Shaman Caster make a come back , this server make me really enjoy those classes when I had zero interest in them before, 6+ years.
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    With the current setup of how shamans are overall, this isn't needed. If a shaman uses his Firenova and other AoE spells, he can do a decent AoE damage, but again it's not like mage or druid. But you have to remember, that all classes has different purpose, and I don't see shaman as a class that should be focused on doing AoE damage, which is also how it's set at the moment, where shamans are one of the best classes, if not the best, for single target damage.

    But if elemental shamans would become a thing and be a useful spec, I would certainly agree to that it should have a more AoE damage focus, while the enhancement spec should be more focused on single target.

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    Well if you tried to use magma totem is does 150k aoe per 2 seconds and fire nova 900k every 6 seconds (ful t18) vs trash. That's not good at all plus elemental single target damage ins't taking away any gifts from not being able to aoe a high amount and to be seen as a single target dps class, He's weak on all fronts of damage coming from elemental side.

    What my intension is, to not have him up against the likes of a mage but as a second spec or possible an OK main spec that doesn't end up being Oh, You're Dps? or a Healer?. I'd rather a person who enjoy's dps, And that was the purpose of a shaman in the first place is to have 2 separate styles of damage to use and play and have fun with. In specific or all situations. Ofcourse it cannot rival enhancement shaman because obviously its stronger. But to have him at a level where his single target can be useful in fights or at trash when things need to be damaged with AOE and when that's over he still has his impact on single target and not an AoE bot, Chain of Lightning isn't that strong and its only 3 targets and all three instances of damage are not the same (30% less each Jump) but it can double tick.

    So by elemental shaman being slighly buffed with % damage and Chain of Lightning (zero cooldown) where he can be useful but not to over come his other specs or beat all the other spell damage classes but to at least not be 60-75% of their dps. It could also be a solution to an ehancement shaman who is top choice in his guild or regularly runs but in certain fights he just focuses one target and is 6th dps. He/She might like the idea of using elemental shaman style of damage every now and then but also not to be punished for it's weaknesses.

    lastly it could also generate some revenue for the server as there are some hefty donors and such who might like this idea and try it out or some other people that might like elemental over enhancement but choose enhancement' kit because of its strength and so on.

    P:S I figure that it's not a huge thing but a little thing, Cooldown of a spell that can be easily tried and tested as well as buffing a class with just a flat number etc. It's not anything completely out of the box, It was done instantly in Cataclysm as i remember for that reason that shaman's needed something to help them aoe but also suffered the same as wotlk and not for the upcoming expansion did they make this change.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I'm elemental myself, resto if needed, sure the AoE rotation is boring but it is not as bad as you say. I pull around 5-6mil dps on big pulls. Thought what is needed to make elemental viable whatsoever in raids is single target dmg. Pre flame shock nerf, we could join but we would struggle to have good dps, now i am struggeling to pull over 1mil in kara on bosses. Which considering my gear is very shit. I tried to gear enh and without even having nearly as good gear i deal twice the single target dmg. Just wish they would buff Lava burst or make flame shock scale on haste again.

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