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    So I've come to retry rogue after acquiring some more donor items. Using 2x t21 fist weapon. it seems that donor rogue rogue with main hand fist for the buff and OH-magical. is actually quite fustrating because of the level of energy you cannot utilize because you need to spam hemo, Mutilate spam is way better and feels better... the combo points and etc...

    Could there be a swap from Fist weapon to Daggers ( Donor )
    Eg: the effects of the main hand fist that gives melee haste and movement speed and the off-hand magical resistance buffer.

    Swap or add daggers with these effects. Fist weapon rogue is anoiying. xDDDDDDD

    Was considering donate for these items but i don't like that feeling of fist weapons and my energy bar sitting at full. and having low combo points, And much downtime on envenom , Expose armor and rupture by a few seconds at a time when it becomes iffy.
    It's really not smooth

    - - - Updated - - -

    Maybe adding something like, to the Main hand weapon. So that hemorage costs 45-50 energy + 10% damage and grants 1 additional combo point, would make it a lot smother.
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