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    Warlock Guide revided

    Revided my warlock guide to fit Warlock changes in gear,rotation and I also added a section to explain the rotation.

    General Information

    Welcome to my Warlock guide for Heroes WoW Unlimited. Here you will learn everything you need to know about playing a Warlock in PvE.

    1. Class Overview
    Warlocks is a very helpful class when it comes to raiding. They provide the raid with debuffs to increase the magic damage taken on the enemy and buffs increasing Stamina, Intellect and Spell Power to raid members and of course a magical stone to save a raid members soul.

    2. Glyphs
    [Glyph of Conflagrate] [Glyph of Quick Decay] [Glyph of Imp]

    3. Stat Priority
    This is by far our most important stat to some extent though. As a warlock if you have too much haste, Corruption will be near impossible to refresh with Shadowbolt. Resulting in u losing a Corruption stacked with Eradication and Heroism(I will go into detail with this tactic later on). 50k haste is enough.

    Critical Strike Rating
    Caps at 100%

    Spell Penetration
    In higher level raids you need very high amounts of Spell Penetration to do high dps. As you progress in raid tiers bosses will have increased resistance. You should use atleast one spell penetration shirt up until SWP then use spell penetration tabard and shirt onward.

    Spell Power
    Increases our damage done.

    You gain Spell Power equal to 39% of your Spirit with Fel Armor.

    4. Gems, Enchants and Consumables

    4.1 Gems

    Meta gems: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond: Increases your crit damage by 3%.

    Regular sockets: Sorcerous Sun Ruby(1200 sp) > Infinite Sphere(5+ resist)

    Infinite Sphereshould always be your default gem choice before you acquire the higher end-game gems.
    The reason that
    Infinite Sphereis so good is because almost all bosses deal magic damage. This gem will help you take less damage.

    4.2 Enchants

    I won't go into detail with this because the amount of useful enchants is limited.

    If you want to optimize your gear with enchants you should get Enchant Cloak - Spell Piercing(35 spell penetration) to pierce through bosses with high resistance.

    There is also a variety of resistance enchants that could be useful.

    4.3 Consumables

    Playing on Heroes WoW there are some must-have consumables to make raiding easier.

    Lesser Flask of Resistance It will give you +50 resistance. This is mandatory on boss fights like The Curator(Karazhan) and Ragefire Caverns.

    Elixir of Empowerment Gives you +30 spell penetration.

    Free Action Potion This works on some boss fights. For example Zul'Jin(Zul'Aman) to avoid stun on bear phase(If you don't get massdispelled).

    Swiftness Potion 50% speed boost. Situationally very helpful.

    Living Action Potion Can get you out of some stuns.
    Drums of Forgotten Kings Free kings to your raid if you lack paladins or voter buff.

    Elixir of Water WalkingThis is great if you are raiding Zul'Gurub to avoid shark attacks.

    5. Gear

    Helm: Tier
    Necklace: Tier
    Shoulders Tier
    Cloak: Tier
    Chest: Tier
    Bracers: Tier
    Gloves: Tier
    Belt: Tier
    Legs: Tier
    Boots: Tier 21 > Xmas boots 2015 version > Tier 20
    Rings: Tier

    Trinkets: Magical Mirror of Ash(t20) > Hazza'rah's Charm of Destruction > Cinders of Auchindoun(T20) > Tome of Diabolic Remedy(t17) > Hex Shrunken Head(t17)

    Weapon: Bop>BoA donor staff > Ancient Staff(Event) > Jalak's Maelstrom Staff(world boss) > Staff of Trembling Will(tier 19 rare)/Frostscythe of Lord Ahune(event) > Tier21

    Off-hand: Blade of the Forgotten Empire(event) > Taner's Terrible Spine VI Fel Enchanted Blade(event) > Frost-Phorescent Blade(event) > Bop > Boa donor off-hand > Tier 21

    Wand: BoP>BoA donor wand > Tier 21

    The staff from rare drop in swp, world bosses and event also gives 200+ resistance and is BiS for any non-donator.

    6. Pets
    There is no competition in which pet is the best. Imp does 70% more damage than Felguard and should always be the pet you use.

    7. Rotation
    As a Warlock it is possible to stack haste into your Corruption. If you want to utilize your corruption damage you should cast Corruption when you have Eradication and heroism/bloodlust buff. Make sure you refresh it with Drain life or Shadow Bolt/Haunt as it will stay on the target with these haste buffs even when they run out on you.
    As far as the rotation should go you want to use Haunt whenever its off cooldown. Then build up Shadow Embrace keep up Immolate and Corruption. Use Soul fire in between Shadow Bolts aslong as u can keep up Corruption and Shadow Embrace and at the same time.

    The rotation should go something like this: Start with Curse, then Corruption, then Haunt, then Immolate, then you need to build up Shadow Embrace with shadow bolts and use Chaos bolt off cooldown. When you have your Shadow Embrace at 3 stacks you can fit in Soul Fire's while still using Shadow Bolts to refresh Corruption.
    It's important that you re-cast Corruption when you get Heroism and have Eradication proc!

    In the macro section I also give out a good castsequence to simplify the rotation.

    8. Macros and Addons

    8.1 Macros

    Easy pet control macro(if you are like me and forget to make pet attack)
    #showtooltip Curse of the Elements
    /cast Demonic Empowerment
    /cast Curse of the Elements

    /castsequence reset=4 Haunt,Immolate,Shadow Bolt,Conflagrate,Shadow Bolt,Soul Fire,Shadow bolt,Chaos Bolt,Haunt,Soul Fire,Shadow bolt,Shadow Bolt,Conflagrate,Shadow bolt,Soul Fire,Shadow Bolt,Soul Fire,Shadow Bolt, Soul Fire
    /cast Demonic Empowerment

    You need to cast Corruption on your own.

    8.2 Addons

    This addon is a complete replacement of the default User Interface. It comes with almost everything you need to perform properly:
    action bars, cooldown timers, proc display, etc.

    Notifies you when you are standing in harmful effects(such as fires in Ragefire Caverns)

    Completely customisable addon to track/warn you about anything. I mainly use it to track Flame jets(interrupt in Ragefire Caverns)

    Skada / Recount
    I prefer Skada because recount has a few flaws. For example recount does not show absorbs in healing(which is 50% of a priests healing done).
    And skada looks better.

    Tracks ur dots.

    9. Warlock rotation in raid
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    can you pliz publish your elvui profile?

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    How is this rotation nowadays in terms of T18-ish gear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyggns View Post
    How is this rotation nowadays in terms of T18-ish gear?
    No good...

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    /castsequence reset=3 immolate,corruption,haunt,conflagrate,shadow bolt,chaos bolt,shadow bolt,shadowburn,shadow bolt,soul fire,shadow bolt,haunt,shadow bolt,conflagrate,shadow bolt,soul fire,shadow bolt,shadow bolt,shadow bolt, shadow bolt

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