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Thread: Chain healing

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    Chain healing

    Hello, been playing on this server a while now.

    Im thinking that you guys could buff chain healing alittle bit?

    All other classes except paladin got sick aoe healing. When it comes to aoe healing, noone wants shammys. Sure our healing wave is 40 % on the lowest target but thats 2 targets. Meanwhile priest for prayer of healing, healing 5 targets for alot more then chain healing. + chain healing decreases 40 % for each jump. Maybe buff the first healing done?


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    True! And the other thing is that u made elemental shammy full crap, meanwhile the druid balance dps is pretty good. Shammy's are only good in enhancement. Make the shammy good again! We want to heal and we want to dps as elemental!

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    Keep in mind that Shaman is by far the easiest healer. It's not even close. Chain Heal and Healing Wave's 2nd target are also what is known as a smart heal, that is it targets whoever needs it more (lowest hp). Shaman healer could indeed use a buff to Chain Heal though as it is supposed to be the "4+ people need healing" option and right now it's just better to Healing Wave the lowest target. When we had old RFC Shamans had a place due to the need to spam heal whoever got the healing debuff, at which point Healing Wave would still be helping the raid by giving some heal to the lowest target. As of right now, from what I see as a T6 player (as in, I have no idea what shams are like in T7-8) they are whoefully outclassed by an unhealthy margin.

    Overall, I am supportive of a buff to Chain Healing. Just gotta keep in mind that the ease of use has to be a factor, otherwise healing just becomes faceroll. Shaman should NOT outheal other healers when they are played to a high standard. I do believe they are an amazing 2nd healer as a tank focused one as it is right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbodamp1996 View Post

    All other classes except paladin got sick aoe healing.
    Correction. Paladin also has arguably one of the highest amounts of AoE Healing with Judgement of Light in 3.35a.

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    I have to agree with Froggyy on this one. Holy paladin's AoE heal against a single target is insane because of JoL. It's just a matter of the other paladins not to be noobs and cancel it.

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