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    Please buff feral cat and dire bear

    I main feral but on this server it's useless, the dps is too weak and unreliable, and my attacks cost too much energy. For instance, I can either do 2 mangle, as mangle is 40 per hit, wait a bit to use it again, and that's 3, what am I supposed to do to deal dps? Auto attack??? Tigers fury only gives 60 so 1 extra mangle. Or I can go rip take and mangle, but that takes all of it, again, in out of attacking options. Please lower the cost of mangle to around 25 per hit to 30. Please make tigers fury give 80 energy back. Now, to bear. Bear is crap. Disgustingly bad, it feels like I have starting gear when I use bear, i understand bear is supposed to be more tanky but I barely do 50k with mangle and 11k with maul. Please buff mangle and maul, and swipe on bear to make it more useful in pop and pve. I never see ferals going to pve raids because they're just so bad, not enough energy, not enough dps and not enough attention. So please, please buff feral cat and fire bear. I hate caster druid as its defence is like paper, plus I love the way feral is.

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    I'm not an expert, but ferals shouldn't spam Mangle. Feral Druids are based on bleed dmg. And there are many ferals in the end game.

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    I may be wrong, BUT feral isn't bad at all, its just bad on certain bosses (mainly in ulduar), but thats the same for other classes too. But Tomass is correct, your damage should be coming from Rake and Rip.

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    It's not even that bad in Ulduar either. The only reason ferals aren't played in Ulduar is simply cause Balance / Resto is busted in Ulduar, so less people care to play Feral. But they're still very good nonetheless if you know how to properly use your rotation.

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