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Thread: Fix elemental.

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    Fix elemental.

    Elemental honestly is the most garbage spec in Pve currently, it's absurd and honestly disappointing how hard it's been fucked over. The 4 piece set bonus is honestly atrocious and frankly the 2 piece isn't much better considering flame shocks inability to scale off haste at this point in time. I am t6 with rank 8 donor weps, donor buff, vote buff, and donor caster trinket, yet my dps in raids is actually laughable, some classes are good at single target but bad at AOE, Elemental is just shit all round, the only mild advantage is that sometimes chain lightning procs off itself and gives you a nice dps boost but it's hardly enough to restore faith in this spec. It's upsetting that I have literally invested money in to a class I've mained for the past 4 - 5 years and I see no pay off at all.

    1) Flame shock NEEDS to scale off haste, it's practically nonexistent in its current form.
    2) Replace the 4 set bonus on elemental gear, maybe make the 4 set bonus a buff that enables flame shock to scale off haste, but please replace it because it's literally terrible.
    3) Alternatively, increase the 4 set bonus damage by a fuckton or make the dot also increase magic damage taken by the shaman. The Electrified does 3 - 4% of my dps and it's really not making any sort of significant mark.
    4) Alternatively, make Electrified proc FASTER, at the moment if I am casting lightning bolt fast enough the dot doesn't even proc so it's literally wasted.
    5) Increase Lava Burst damage, at the moment it does a lot of damage but I think maybe a if it did 25% more damage when used on a target with flame shock that'd be cool.
    Just one of these changes I'd like to see, all of them would be a bit extreme, ultimately I know nothing will happen til core comes out though and even then I still wouldn't be surprised if I didn't see a change considering the state of this spec has already been less than viable for the last 1 or 2 years. Even an update on what you have planned for this spec would be amazing.
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    Increase damage to lava burst if flame shock is active.
    That sounds super! Entering a critic in HeroesWoW format does not represent an advantage.
    Flame Shock needs to be escalated with spell haste and Increase flame shock damage to make sense of the first set bonus and the flame shock glyph.
    Providing a bit of constant DPS we get more gameplay.
    A shaman a little more versatile and less static.

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