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    Shadow Labyrinths

    Shadow Labyrinth

    Tier 7

    10 Man Raid

    4 Bosses (Currently)

    First and foremost Shadow Labyrinth is NOT like the other Tiers. Mechanics and tactics have been implemented in the dungeon. This applies to not only the bosses, but also with certain “Trash Mobs” pulls.

    Trash Mobs


    Prideful Wyrmlord

    Prideful Wyrmsage

    Prideful Abomination


    Lesser Plagueling


    Rashukk the Condemned

    Ascendant Zerul



    Upon entering you will have three groups of trash mobs to clear. First will be a Pridebringer, and this would be a good time to practice your interrupts for a couple upcoming boss fights. The next two pulls are going to require a certain mechanic. The left side of the room houses a group of two Prideful Wyrmsages and one Prideful Wyrmlord, and the right side houses one Prideful Wyrmsage and two Prideful Wyrmlords. Focus the Wyrmlord(s) first, because of a buff that increases their total damage done, and it does stack. They receive that buff from the Wyrmsages. Also to add the Wyrmlords will constantly steal buffs from the tank. So that is something to keep the in mind as well.

    Rashukk the Condemned

    The first boss in Shadow Labyrinth is a relatively straight forward fight. RDPS and Healers need to make sure that they do not stack on one another. The reason for this is because periodically throughout the fight he will leap from the tank and target someone in the back. He will then begin to whirlwind, hence the need to spread out. Also once he leaps to the back three ground AoEs will also spawn in the back of the field. Do not stand in them, as they will tick for periodic damage. He also does a ground slam, while focused on the tank that can, and should be interrupted. After dropping 10% of his HP he will gain a shield, that causes a stacking buff for every time he is struck. At that point all and I cannot emphasize enough ALL DPS must be stopped. Call outs for stopping and going would be wise here. Once the timer on the shield is up the Tank will gain Puncture that not only tics for periodic damage, but also stacks. This fight is not a DPS race. Once the boss is downed the Tank will still have that debuff, and will still take damage.

    Following that fight the door will open and you may proceed, but do not be too hasty. This hallway houses a Prideful Abomination. The only thing to note about them is they have an AoE slam that isn’t too kind to RDPS. Max range is your best friend as always. At the top of this hallway is your second room. No boss but it does have Pridebringers, Wyrmlords, Wyrmsages and an Abomination that will need to be taken care of. Be mindful of which one to target and take down first. Side note the Wyrmsages only buff Wyrmlords. Pridebringers do not buff another mobs either, even themselves. No need to clear the whole room. Clear your way to the left middle of the room to enter the next hallway leading to the next room that contains your next Boss. This room houses much like the room before, but in addition to that there are Purple Slimes moving across the floor that leave a trail of purple toxin. Watch your footing, because it will tick for continuous damage. Let’s not put any more strain on the healers than necessary. They are going to be feeling it soon enough. You do not need to clear both sides of the room before taking a crack at the next boss. So pick a side and clear. Now that that is done let’s meet the next boss.

    Ascendant Zerul

    The second boss in Shadow Labyrinth isn’t quite as simple as Rashukk. However there are some familiar mechanics. Remember the final boss in Mechanar? Those wonderful red circles? Well they are back, and not just one. Multiple red circles will periodically spawn throughout this fight for both melee and ranged. So put on your dancing shoes and be ready to move. The hit boxes on the circles are larger than they appear. So take a few extra steps just to be safe. Warlocks will want to make sure to use Curse of Tongues, to increase spell casting incantation by 30%. Also you will want to use your Felhunter for this fight as well. Why Felhunter? The reasoning behind this is their ability Devour Magic. Not only does it Purge those pesky de-buffs of fellow raid members, but it also purges buff from the boss. Decursing and interrupting are going to be a big part of this fight. Melee for this fight you do not want to stack because of those circles. Other than those pesky circles and the constant curses, this fight is fairly straight forward as well.


    After you have defeated Zerhul you will have unlocked the Teleporter. So just in case the raid does wipe and have to run back you, you won’t have as long of a run. It is located in the first room in Shadow Labyrinth.

    Once done proceed forward to clear, yes you guessed it, more trash. This hall contains some Plguelings, Lesser Plaguelings and an Abomination. The next room you come to is home Pridebringers, Wyrmlords, and a Wyrmsage. After clearing the room, head to the hallway to clear a bit more trash, and proceed to the next boss. There are some mobs in this room that need to be dealt with first though. The skeleton piles are something to take note of as well. They will smack you and knock you on your back. No it doesn’t cause damage, but will be helpful to keep in mind for the upcoming boss encounter. There is something very important about this room to note. If you haven’t already noticed the giant purple circles littered across the floor, you will if you stand in them. They are similar to the purple slime trails that you encountered earlier, except these tick for a lot more damage. Now that all of that is done we can address the giant orc in the room.


    The third boss in Shadow Labyrinth will be your biggest challenge yet. This fight is a straight DPS race. Why? His enrage timer plain and simple. (5 Minutes I believe) Luckily no tank is required for this fight, but it isn’t that simple. If you are melee heavy for this fight that may present a problem, because of the down time running from one end of the room to the other. He teleports from one end of the room to the other multiple times (85%, 65%, 45%, 25%). Before we get to that we first must address, yet again, the interrupts. Mind Blast is the only one that can be interrupted in this fight. Warlocks again use Curse of Tongues, and also will want to use Felhunters again for this fight. Also you will need to dispel a lot in this fight as well, so a priest or two wouldn’t be a bad idea. in this fight quite often Next he will place a large black circle on the ground that will one shot anyone, ranged and melee alike, if you stay in it. He does this once per teleport. So be mindful of your footing. The boss will also stun you periodically during the fight as well. Now we can address the teleporting mechanic of the fight. Once you knock him down to 85% health he will knock the group back and teleport to the other side of the room. Before he does it would be wise to call it out at 88% or 87%. Why? This way healers have time to top everyone off, and melee can stack on the tank to ensure they are knocked back in the proper direction. At this point the race is on . . . . . literally. You must make your way across the room to continue DPSing him down. A Death Knight’s Anti-Magic Shield and a Mage’s Blink can be very beneficial here. I would not suggest running straight down the middle to reengage the boss. Taking either side of the room is your safest and best bet. One side of the room has two large bone piles you can use to make your way to the boss. On that side there is one puddle that you must run through. Your second option is to take the other side which has two small bone piles and a couple of benches. There is a small window in between the puddles that allows you to take no damage. Speed potions and/or Nitro Boots (sometimes fails) would be an asset for this portion of the fight. If you have a Shaman with you this would best time to pop Blood Lust. Now rinse and repeat as when you first engaged him. Interrupts, Dispel, Black Circles, etc. At 65% he will then teleport back to his original location. Keep in mind the knockback before his teleport. It is time to make the run again. Remember be mindful of those purple death traps on the ground, as well as the slaps from the bone piles. Once you make it back across it is time for round three of the same. This time the knockback and teleport comes at 45%. Then it is time to make the run yet again. Rinse and repeat one more time. 25% is the last time he will knockback and teleport to his starting location. It is time to run that gauntlet one last time. Once everyone has reached the other side for the last time, it would be a good idea to pop Heroism. Now it is time to go HAMF! Stay focused and DPS him into the ground.

    Now that that is done let’s continue moving forward to make our way to Garrosh. Of course not before a few more trash mobs and some of those pleasantly purple pits of pain that we all love so much. By this point you should be downing the adds no problem.


    Last but certainly not least the fourth and final boss of Shadow Labyrinth, Garrosh. Healers it’s time to put your healing ability to the test. Your goal in this is to keep everyone above 50% HP. Warlocks this time around you will want to use Curse of Elements, Unless you are fortunate to have two Warlocks in the raid. In which case use both Curse of Elements, and Curse of Tongues. You will want to use Felhunters again for this fight for that lovely Devour Magic. Remember those wonderful black circles from the last fight? They are back again only this time much smaller and only pop up under the tank. So melee you will need to pay attention to when the tank moves the boss and be careful where you step. Garrosh also has a slam that is linear, and its range is limitless. It is similar to the second boss in Mechanar, but much more devastating. Even the tank will want to move from the slam. Melee if you are under if you are safe during the slam, just remember “Tank is safe during the slam”. Oh but wait there’s even more to this fight. He not only levels up throughout the fight, but will also spawn a tentacle. These are an ABSOLUTE Priority. DPS these down as fast as possible, because after ten to fifteen seconds they will wipe the party. He spawns them one at a time, but does spawn it three or four times throughout the fight. The tank will want to move Garrosh away from the tentacle so can be targeted more easily. Garrosh also will heal during the time the tentacle is up. Spellsteal is a wonderful little spell to use here if you are a mage. Otherwise this fight will take a bit longer. Once that is done you can take a breath and rest your fingers. Congratulations you are now done clearing Shadow Labyrinths . . . . . for now.

    I would like to thank Fries, Hellblayde, Felroz, Hawjiki, Fenuks, and Friendly for helping out with the information collected. Also to everyone that came with on the runs. We wouldn’t have progressed as far as we did without your help.

    As Shadow Labyrinths is updated I will update the guide.

    If information is inaccurate please comment below and it will be amended.

    Happy Hunting,
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