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    Seasonal unlimited "classic"

    Because the cry of the old guard for the return of the "old" barrens "old" tiers etc etc. Which are horribly outdated to todays standard i tought of launching a seasonal realm with faster progression (shorter timespans between tierreleases/pvp releases) and fresh character starts (But with the same premium account) to start out adventure all over again!

    -Premium features
    -seasonal realm (Starting from 2013-2014-2015)
    -New tier ("old content") releases Every 2 or 4 weeks.
    -Content cycle continues till it catched up to actual unlimited server and characters would be transfered over.
    -No donationsets but buffed premium (To fund the server+staff)
    -*edit* Realmfirst rewards for clearing content (Which would be more challanging without inflated donation gear)

    All other suggestions/questions or discussion points are appricated in this thread.
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    Interesting suggestion. I leave the topic for discussion for the rest of the players.
    The problem is that even we have backups from "-seasonal realm (Starting from 2013-2014-2015)" our current dedicated server won't be able to compile core from this years.

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    Is there any chance of us just getting a new core entirley then migrate our gear over ? , I feel the problem with starting over is that people would lose everything they've worked for , Which is essentially what most of the server had to do when the stat crunch happened anyway .

    I'm all for doing our old content though. ( Really miss WOTNG )

    was thining we could have it as a side thing on the main server where we're either having rotating OLD PVE instances that'd allow us to farm shiny/Tmog tokens so like one week its WOTNG next is Shattered halls etc

    Alternatively we could have a list of all the old raids / dungeons and scale them accordingly to make a shiny farming instance possibly make them 1-5 mannable depending on difficulty of the raid and make them roughly 20-30 minutes long at most the harder the instance the more shiny/tmog tokens it drops , Would definitely give players something to do

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