So a little about myself, I'm right now a 24 year old Jurist beginning his career, and I was thinking of getting back into wow private servers as I had stopped for quite sometime.
I remembered playing on this awesome private server for quite some time when I was younger, but I could never recall which one, even after hours of searching. Finally, I decided to create a reddit post, describing the server, in hopes of someone telling me the name. In the comments of my post, someone mentioned Heroes-wow as a possibility. This name sounded familiar.

I immediately came to this website, entered a username I've used for anything for as long as I can remember, and a password I always use, and to my surprise, BAM! I'm logged in! I check the account information, and yes, I created this account back in 2012, my last log in was in 2015.
I even still have my characters, I just simply can't believe it :')
I'm still in awe and shock that I was able to find this amazing private server, and my old characters. I have not yet tried to relog into the game itself but will do that tonight.
I hope people are still playing, as this was by far my favorite private server, and remains so. I had put my blood sweat and tears into this server (while having fun of course).

I hope the creator and all that are affiliated with this server see this post, and know how much they've made me happy and contributed to my teen years. I love you all, and will always remain loyal to this server. I will start voting again daily, as I wish to see it rise again. Now that I'm working and have my own money and bank account, I will also most likely donate (something I wish I could do when I was younger but was still a teenager hahah)

Can't wait to log back in tonight and see what's going on after 9 years of account creation.


- - - Updated - - -

So I just logged on for the first time and to my surprise not a single soul is online
My gear is useless as it's been depreciated for some reason, damn this is really sad
Does no one play on this server anymore?