We've decided that we're no longer going to support 10 man raids for Tier instances. At the moment we have roughly a 6 hour raiding time period that allows enough players to do multiple tier 6 and 7 runs. However if you're unlucky enough to not be on during this time period then you have no chance to progress beyond Tier 5. The questing zones for Tier 6 & 7 aren't close to being released any time soon either. So this is why we've decided to switch to 5 mans.

Some of you might not like this change as you enjoy 10m raiding. You need not worry. We do have plans to introduce 10 man raids later on. We aren't entirely sure how we'll go about releasing those just yet. Their difficulty will be much higher than the normal 5m. We will either release them as Heroic modes or short one-boss raid instances.

You can expect tier 6 and 7 to be changed to 5m instances over the next few days or week. As always we hope that you'll report any issues with the changes in our support channels via discord.