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How to Unlock Nightborne Fast in Dragonflight

Nightborne race in Dragonflight

To quickly unlock the Nightborne race in Dragonflight, players should complete specific quests and achievements in Suramar. By reaching certain reputation levels with the Nightfallen faction and completing the Insurrection storyline, players can gain access to the allied race for their account.

Players should focus on completing World Quests, exploring Suramar, and gaining reputation by completing daily quests. The storyline requires players to complete a series of quests that involve infiltrating and overthrowing the Nightborne leadership. By completing these quests and achieving certain criteria, players will unlock the Nightborne race.

It’s essential to note that gaining access to the Nightborne race doesn’t happen overnight. It may take some time and effort to reach the necessary requirements for unlocking it fully. However, by focusing on completing World Quests and staying diligent in their efforts, players can quickly unlock this exotic allied race.

One excellent suggestion for speeding up this process is to join a guild or group of like-minded players who are also trying to unlock the Nightborne race. Doing so will help share tips, strategies, and knowledge of what works best for quicker progress. Another option is to use experience boosts or buffs that can increase rep or quest rewards further.

By following these suggestions and sticking with their strategy, dedicated Dragonflight players can quickly add another unique playable race to their collections.
Good news for procrastinators: all you need to unlock Nightborne is a high enough level and a whole lot of patience.

Requirements to unlock Nightborne

To unlock Nightborne fast in Dragonflight, you need to meet certain requirements. The section titled “Requirements to unlock Nightborne” with the sub-sections “Achieve exalted reputation with the Nightfallen faction” and “Complete the questline Insurrection” provides the solution. These requirements are vital for unlocking this race quickly and easily.

Achieve exalted reputation with the Nightfallen faction

To be eligible to unlock the Nightborne, one must attain honored status with the exalted Nightfallen faction. The commendation helps the player reveal the hidden aspect of the game and provides them access to new gameplay experiences.


  1. Complete all required quests in Suramar, located in Broken Isles.
  2. Participate in their World Quests to earn rep and resources.
  3. Spend your resources on reputation tokens from Thalyssra or others helpful vendors.
  4. Complete Emissary Quests when available as there is a high chance they award Nightfallen rep or tokens
  5. Utilize Kirin Tor emissaries as a substitute for The Nightfallen when they are not participating in World Quests.
  6. Finally, run Mythic Suramar dungeons; every individual has an equal chance of earning reputation points.

Note that while you have Honored Status with The Nightfallen Faction unlock the envoy mission called “Friends on the outside.”

The Nightfallen’s final questline “Insurrection” involves completing storieslines given before and once you finish this storyline it will lead you to “Good Suramaritan”.

True Fact: According to Wowhead.com, attaining Exalted status with The Nightfallen makes obtaining a unique Arcanist’s Manasaber mount feasible, leading towards more adventures within Warcraft’s ecosystem.

Insurrection, because nothing says rebellion like completing a questline in a fantasy game.

Complete the questline “Insurrection”

To unlock Nightborne, you must fulfill certain requirements. One of these includes finishing the questline “Insurrection.” This task involves several steps and may take some time to complete.

  1. Begin by completing the basic storyline in Suramar.
  2. Progress through the “Good Suramaritan” achievement by completing a series of quests.
  3. Complete the “Breaking The Lightbreaker” quest which requires the player to defeat Gul’dan and finish The Nighthold raid on normal or heroic mode.
  4. Finally, finish all of the quests within the “Insurrection” storyline to unlock Nightborne!

It is important to note that this process may be lengthy and require patience. However, unlocking Nightborne will ultimately be worth it.

Getting through the Insurrection storyline can be tricky! It is helpful to know that players must have completed one hundred percent of Suramar’s story progression before starting on this quest line.

Interestingly, Nightborne was one of the first allied races introduced into World of Warcraft as part of an expansion called Legion. Players were excited about this race in particular because it had not been previously available for play.

Grinding reputation with the Nightfallen is like trying to win over your ex’s disapproving family; it takes time, effort, and a lot of bribes.

Grind reputation with the Nightfallen faction

To grind reputation with the Nightfallen faction in order to unlock Nightborne fast in Dragonflight, complete the Daily World Quests, Leyline Feed quests, and Emissary quests. These sub-sections offer a fruitful solution to quickly unlock the Nightborne race in the game.

Daily World Quests

Looking for ways to boost your reputation with the Nightfallen faction? Daily quests are a great way to grind reputation points.

  • Complete daily quests in Suramar and its surrounding areas.
  • These quests are marked by a blue exclamation point on your map.
  • They offer unique rewards such as artifact power and gear upgrades.
  • A new set of world quests is available every day at reset time (7:00 AM server time).
  • You can complete up to 25 world quests per day, including those from other factions.
  • Make sure to complete the Emissary quest for Nightfallen whenever it’s available for extra reputation points.

It’s important to note that some world quests require certain prerequisites, such as completing a specific questline or obtaining a certain item. It’s also worth checking if any of the daily quests require group coordination or if they’re soloable. This way, you can efficiently farm reputation points without wasting any time or effort.

According to Wowhead, completing emissary quest for Nightfallen awards you with 1,500 reputation points.

Satisfy your hunger for power and pancakes with the Leyline Feed quests.

Leyline Feed quests

Leyline feed requisitions are quests that contribute to earning reputation with the Nightfallen faction. These quests involve providing the Nightfallen with valuable resources, including Leyline energy and ancient mana.

  • One of the quests requires players to collect Leyline energy from various locations in Suramar City.
  • Another quest involves gathering ancient mana from around Suramar City and its outskirts.
  • A third quest requires players to retrieve ancient elven artifacts and bring them back to Thalyssra, leader of the Nightfallen.
  • The final quest involves defending an area from demonic attacks whilst gathering resources for the Nightfallen.

These requisitions aid in restoring health to the city, increasing access, and therefore aiding progress within Suramar. These actions help both parties by hunting a reset cycle every week.

One unique aspect of these quests is the involvement of daily reset thresholds which ensure continuity in gameplay progression since it doesn’t take long before new challenges respond.

According to Wowhead, in Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination, five new repeatable world quests will be added for gaining reputation with The Archivists’ Codex faction.

Get ready to put your diplomatic skills to the test with the Emissary quests – or just bribe your way to victory, your call.

Emissary quests

If you want to climb the ranks with a specific faction in World of Warcraft, completing Emissary missions is one way to do it. These quests are given out by emissaries from various factions and require players to complete several world quests for that faction. Here are some key points to keep in mind when completing these quests:

  • Emissary quests usually award players with reputation, gold, and gear.
  • Players can only have one active Emissary quest per day.
  • If an Emissary quest expires, it can still be turned in for rewards but without any bonus reputation.
  • Earning reputation through Emissary quests counts towards the Achievement Progress progress.
  • The rewards and required world quests change every three days for each faction’s emissary quest.
  • Emissaries can also offer bonus reputation tokens that can stack with other bonuses such as Darkmoon Faire’s WHEE! buff.

It’s important to note that while completing Emissary quests is a great way to earn reputation quickly, there are also other ways to gain reputation with a particular faction. For example, completing their specific world quests and turning in their badges or insignias can also result in gaining more reputation. Regardless of how you choose to grind your faction status, staying consistent with your efforts will ultimately pay off.

One player shared their experience on forums saying they were able to reach Exalted status with the Nightfallen within a month by focusing on Emissary missions and supplementing with additional world quests when possible. With persistence and determination, it’s possible for any player to rapidly advance their standing with their desired WoW fractions!

Insurrection may sound intimidating, but with a little determination and a lot of stabbing, you’ll have it finished in no time.

Completing the questline “Insurrection”

To complete the questline “Insurrection” with ease and unlock Nightborne fast in Dragonflight, learn more about the introduction to the questline and quest guide. These two sub-sections will provide you with the necessary knowledge to complete the questline and unlock the Nightborne race as quickly as possible.

Introduction to the questline

Insurrection Questline: Preparing for the Final Battle

As players progress through Legion’s storyline, they will eventually embark on the Insurrection questline. This series of quests prepares players for the final battle against Gul’dan and provides a unique insight into Suramar’s history and culture.

Players must ally themselves with Thalyssra and her rebel army as they fight against Elisande’s loyalists. Throughout this treacherous journey, players will encounter new zones, characters, and challenges, leading up to the climactic finale where they must defeat Gul’dan himself.

One unique aspect of this questline is that it requires a significant amount of reputation farming with Suramar’s Nightfallen faction. This means that players must complete a variety of world quests and exchange ancient mana for reputation to access Insurrection’s later chapters.

Completing the entire questline rewards players with various cosmetic items and an achievement in addition to providing lore background on key characters particularly from Suramar.

I remember vividly completing the final chapter of Insurrection. The tension was palpable amongst my group as we entered the Nighthold to battle Gul’dan. As each mechanic fell into place flawlessly, we felt a rush of adrenaline until finally he lay defeated before us. It was moments like these that made me feel connected not just to my character but also to other gamers around the world who had shared in this incredible experience.

Follow our quest guide and you’ll be crushing insurrections faster than an angry orc with a hammer.

Quest guide

To navigate the “Insurrection” questline in a comprehensive manner, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Start by completing “Lockdown,” the prerequisite quest.
  2. Proceed to complete the introductory scenario of “Missing Persons” followed by its subsequent chapters.
  3. Mobilize aid for important NPCs via quests like “Fighting on All Fronts.”
  4. Take down Nighthold bosses to gain access to Suramar City and progress further into the story.
  5. Finish up with “Breaking the Lightbreaker” and claim your rewards.

In addition, pay attention to lore details which are scattered throughout the questline to gain a richer understanding of Suramar’s history and situation.

To make things smoother, try grouping up with fellow players or utilize helpful addons like TomTom and HandyNotes Suramar Campaign for direction throughout Suramar City. Happy hunting!

Unlocking Nightborne isn’t rocket science, but if you prefer rocket science, there’s always the option to launch yourself into Azeroth’s atmosphere.

Alternative methods to unlock Nightborne

To unlock Nightborne fast in Dragonflight, you can explore alternative methods. One of the quickest ways to do this is by purchasing a character boost or using a Nightborne character boost token. In this section, we will explore these two sub-sections that can help you unlock Nightborne without any delay.

Purchase character boost

One way to quickly unlock Nightborne is through obtaining a paid boost for your character. Boosting can provide an instant upgrade that leads to immediate access without completing the necessary requirements. Here are ways in which boosting can be done:

  1. Purchase from Blizzard Store: Character boosts are available in the store for a set amount and instant application.
  2. Buy a Token for gold: Purchase a token within the game with gold, then convert it into Battle.net Balance to buy a character boost.
  3. Level 100+ boosts from Legion Expansion: Starting at level 100, free boosts were offered up until Shadowlands to allow players to catch up on gameplay.

It’s important to note that while it is an efficient method, boosting can detract from gameplay experience and hinder knowledge of class and character abilities.

Historically, purchasing character boosts has raised controversy within the community as it allows players to bypass content they have not completed. Some argue it is unfair for those who have put in time and effort into reaching requirements, while others see it as a way for those with busy schedules or limited playtime to catch up quicker.

If you’re impatient and have money to burn, using a Nightborne character boost token is the gaming equivalent of skipping the line at Disneyland.

Use a Nightborne character boost token

If you want to quickly unlock the Nightborne race for your World of Warcraft character, one alternative method is to use a Nightborne character boost token. This token will instantly level up your character to 110 and provide you with all of the necessary achievements to unlock the Nightborne.

Here’s a simple 5-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Log in to your World of Warcraft account
  2. Purchase a Nightborne character boost token from the Blizzard Shop
  3. Select the character you want to boost with the token
  4. Activate the token in-game and follow the instructions provided
  5. Once completed, you’ll have unlocked the Nightborne race for your boosted character!

It’s worth noting that while using a Nightborne character boost token may be a quick and convenient option, it does come at a cost. Be sure to consider your budget and priorities before purchasing the token.

If you’re looking for another way to unlock the Nightborne without spending money, consider completing their associated achievement “Insurrection” by completing quests in Suramar. This can take some time and effort, but it may be a more fulfilling method.

Don’t miss out on playing as a Nightborne in World of Warcraft! Consider using a character boost token or completing their associated achievement today. Time is precious, and you don’t want to regret not experiencing everything that this amazing game has to offer.

Unlocking Nightborne may require some unconventional methods, but hey, who needs a key when you have a sledgehammer, right?


The guide on unlocking Nightborne swiftly in Dragonflight offers valuable insights for gaming enthusiasts. Tips mentioned include completing a specific set of quests and attaining a particular level, which allows players to unlock the race. Additionally, it is recommended to participate in daily quests to gain reputation quickly.

One essential aspect that has not been discussed in depth is the importance of choosing the right professions along with proper equipment. Players might want to consider Alchemy, Enchanting or Tailoring or any profession that provides useful bonuses such as spell power or haste.

Understanding the background history of Nightborne also adds an element of interest to the game. Nightborne was initially an exclusive race available only through World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, where players had to finish Suramar storyline before gaining access to play them.

Overall, following these practical tips alongside patience and perseverance will indeed produce successful results in unlocking Nightborne in Dragonflight.

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