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Pit of Saron

19 Jun, 20176512 Views     2 Comments

We have released the new transmog dungeon for high level players! You guys voted for it and so we made Pit of Saron into the new transmog dungeon! As always when we release new content, you should report all bugs you encounter! For its release there will be an Event for the first week! All Weapon mogs will drop 100% from each boss for the first week! Afterwards only the 4th boss will drop a weapon 100%. 

I, Hawjiki, have plans to add an additional 5th boss to the dungeon. I will also be adding quest over the next following weeks as well. I plan to add at least 3 to 5 quest for this dungeon that will reward people fully clearing the dungeon of bosses, critters, and trash.

Happy hunting for mogs! Enjoy the release event because it will not last long!

:: Heroes-WoW Staff

Cymedes said:


Good job ! these tmogs..mmm :D

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