Rev 135


19 Sep 11:17 PayPal is added as donation method.
Rev 134



4 Oct 23:36 GM Application updated
Rev 133


4 Feb 02:35 Improved forum mobile version.
Rev 132


23 Jan 21:37 Improved forum style.
Rev 131



8 Dec 20:40 New forum released
Rev 130


7 Oct 05:14 Installed SSL Certificate.
Rev 129


10 Aug 06:34 We added Unlimited and Fallen Heroes Realm forum categories
Rev 128


23 Jul 02:20 Due to cheating the owner of Topwowserver we removed this toplist from our vote panel.
Rev 127


9 Mar 10:28 Changed the customize character to give a race change instead of a re-customization.
Rev 126


5 Oct 20:29 Added search for forums,word length is minimum 4 characters,topics meant to be private and staff topics cannot be searched, unless the usual requirements are met.
Vote Counter added on main page, you can now check your number of votes for current month.
Rev 125


31 Aug 19:03 Spells and Talents removed from Bug Trakcer (Unlimited Realm) - there were too many invalid reports and comparisons to retail. Seplls and Talents on Unlimited realm are custom.
Rev 124


16 Aug 02:58 Fixed Vote Data error
Added Working Content
Fixed Frequently Asked questions
Rev 123


19 Mar 11:35 Added Fusion Sets to Website Armor Sets Market
Rev 122


9 Mar 09:52 Patch 2.0 added to website
Rev 121


3 Mar 22:44 GM Application updated
Rev 120


3 Mar 22:24 Ban timer added to profile
Rev 119


3 Mar 22:15 New website feature Notification added
Rev 118




20 May 23:45


"How to Vote" added to the vote page
Fixed voting on top100arena
Implemented a fix for abusing the vote system to gain free silver

Rev 117


10 May 18:39


Implemented a poll vote system, currently only usable by members of staff
Custom urls (such as youtube, google, etc, etc) will now open in a new tab/window


Slight visual changes to help make viewing reports easier

Splash Page (Version Select Page)

Updated to fix voting callbacks

Rev 116 Rob 5 Dec 18:07



Implemented a flood protection to prevent people from creating hundreds of accounts in a few seconds


Implemented flood protection


Broken Accounts

Fixed an issue where broken account data wouldn't automatically fix itself.

Item Tooltips

Implemented Required Faction Visual


Fixed an issue where online players wouldn't be teleported
Rev 115


18 Nov 14:29 Unique Transmog Items Added to Website store for Gold and Silver Coins
Rev 114


13 Nov 02:50 Updated Working Content
Rev 113


12 Nov 22:18 Updated In game Rules.
Rev 112 Rob 7 Nov 23:18

Forum changes

Fixed an issue where you couldn't see staff posts
Implemented a warning system, each warning you receive lasts 7 days, if you receive 3 warnings you will be unable to post on the forums till 1 is removed
Locked sections will now display the correct icon on the forum home page
Fixed an exploit where you could modify your post to display as a staff post
Implemented the ability to move topics for forum moderators
Fixed an issue where staff editing a post would flag that post as a "staff post"
Fixed topic count in private sections
General improvements to the forums for speed and security
Fixed an issue where error messages wouldn't be displayed
Fixed an issue where random forums would display as "false" instead of the forum name
Rev 111 Rob 3 Nov 13:46 The following changes have been implemented on the website/forums

You will now see new posts if someone has posted since you last visited / viewed the page
Bugtracker Search Category has been fixed
Bugtracker empty search will list all bugs
You can now click on a bug in the tracker to see what the bug report says
Appeal a Ban / Report a player topics are now only available to the author and staff members
You can no longer make topics in Latest News, Rules and Regulations or Heroes WoW Events Sections
Staff topics will now appear as so you can clearly see that a staff member has made it
Staff can now sticky topics and they will appear as "[STICKY] Title"
GM's can now access the arena logs to find farmers
You can now mark a category/forum as read by Double Clicking on the Speech Bubble
Fixed an exploit where you could modify cookies to login to someone elses account
Added Required Classes to item tooltips
Fixed an issue with broken accounts being unable to login due to missing settings
You will no longer see your posts as new posts
Implemented "Mark Forums Read" at the bottom of the index and category forums (this is similar to clicking on the speech bubbles)
Fixed an issue where you could see the topic count being "20" yet only visible topics was your own
Added "New Topics" link which will display all the new topics/posts you have yet to read
Fixed an issue where you would never be redirected due to headers already sent error
Fixed an issue where we were querying the table and getting more rows than needed when generating the forum topics
Rev 110


29 Oct 18:44 Paymentwall option for donation added to donation panel.
Rev 109 Rob 26 Oct 19:56 Forum -> fixed an issue where you could see negative posts/thread counts on the forum index page
Fixed an issue where topic titles over 35 letters long would 'disappear'
Fixed an issue where last topic wasn't updating properly
You can now see deleted topics, they will appear as 'moved' with deleted by details
Resolved an issue where you could reply to deleted topics
Resolved the issue of repeatly deleting a topic
Implemented hidden categories and forums for staff section
Rev 108


24 Oct 04:54 Report a GM/Dev
Rev 107


24 Oct 04:54 Added Report a Player on Forum
Rev 106


24 Oct 04:54 Added Appeal a Ban on Forum