10th Anniversary Celebrations

07.08.2021, 1:23:14 PM, posted by Onezero

August 7th, 2021 marks exactly 10 years that Heroes WoW has been around. We did not expect 10 years ago today that our server would bloom to what it has become today. We had our ups and down including closing the MoP server and shutting down the Fallen realm. We are still committed and motivated to provide you the best experience and feeling you can find. The upcoming weekend we will celebrate these 10 years by hosting various events. And guess what? This is only the beginning!

We want to say thank you to every one of you for being part of this amazing community! Today, we will start off the anniversary by having giveaways and hosting various events in-game and on discord!  Starting on Saturday 3pm SVT, all weekend until Monday 11pm SVT, players will receive or can join the following:

- Discord giveaways (Normal and Premium).
- Hosted in-game events by the Staff.
- Joining the Gold / Silver coin lottery (on top of winning a pot of gold coins and silver coins will we reward player with more items!).
- Joining the Shiny lottery.
- Weekend login reward.
- Discount D8 weapon vendor (BoP).
- Discount Armor Sets at the website.
- All tier bonus loot events active

For the Gold and Silver lottery we start at 50 gold coins and 500 silver coins, with the Shiny lottery we start at 5k shinies!

I hope you all join us in the celebrations!

Heroes WoW Staff