Working Content


Available Race Elf Troll Elf


Random Battlegrounds are enabled

Warsong Gulch is working

Eye of the Storm is working

Arathi Basin is working

Alterac Valley is working

Strand of the Ancients is working

Blade's Edge Arena is working

Nagrand Arena is working

Ruins of Lordaeron is working

Custom Instances and Dungeons

Azjol-Nerub Gold Farming

Pit of Saron Transmogs Items

Halls of Reflection Transmogs Items

Forge of Souls Transmogs Items

Scarlet Monastery - Cathedral Tier 1

Ragefire Chasm Tier 2

Shadowfang Keep Tier 3

Vault of Archavon Tier 4

Hellfire Ramparts Tier 5

The Shattered Halls Tier 5

The Blood Furnance Tier 5.5

Karazhan Tier 6

Trial of the Crusader Tier 7

Ulduar Tier 8 and Tier 8.5

World Bosses

Rajh Sands of Time

Setesh Sands of Time

Archimonde Dragonborn Weapons

Galleon Tier 1+

Doom Lord Kazzak Transmogs Items (Tier 2+)

Dark Animus Transmogs Items (Tier 3+)

Lei Shen Slain Shocking Discovery (Tier 4+)

Jin'rok Slain Shocking Discovery (Tier 4+)

Garrosh Blackrock Spire (Tier 5+)

Other Zones


Leveling Instances

Mount/Pet Showroom

Donation/Vote Mall

PvP Nagrand Arena

PvP Gurubashi Arena